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How to apply RAMsinks

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Jul 11, 2001
I did read the instructions on the AS2 website in regards to applying RAMsinks, and letting them "cure", I just wnted to see if anyone had any other suggestions for "camping", as I don't have a vice, and would like to use something very "stable". I just purchased a 512mb sticvk of pc2100 nanya ddr <it's supposed to be top o' the line stuff.
I do have AS epoxy and AS2 paste.
i have put ram sinks on 2 video cards before, but never my system ram..... although the ideas and meathods should generally still aply.....

although i didnt use the AS glue... i used normal paste, and crazy glue to get the job done. 1 drop in each corner of the ram, thermal paste on the rest..... Press ramsink against video card for 30-60 seconds with fingers, on the sink and behind it aswell. let the glue dry, hold it upside down to make sure nothing falls off. (had a P3 heatsink fall of my geforce's GPU once)
and you should be doon