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How to arrange piping for single loop serial inline?

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Jan 28, 2002
Ok, while i'm waiting for my blocks to arrive, i'm trying to think how i should arrange the pipework for the 3 blocks.
This will be a single loop inline system. I don't plan on going parallel due to space problems with all the tubing.

Here's what i was thinking of;
Northbridge -> CPU -> GPU

In this example, I chose this because I guess that the n/b will produce the least heat. The raise in water temp will be minimal compared to CPU -> n/b, by taking into account that the n/b might be more sensitive to heat to disallow a higher FSB overclock. the GPU will be last due to the lower prioity for cooler water.

Another one is;
CPU -> GPU -> Northbridge

In this one, I assume that the n/b is not really that sensitive to higher temp (i'm not really sure on this, hence the reason for this post). Obviously the CPU will have priorty over the GPU due to it needing the coolest water.

The third one;
Northbridge -> GPU -> CPU;
GPU -> Northbridge -> CPU

For this choice, i assume that both the GPU and NB don't really put that much extra heat, as the main heat source is the CPU. I was hoping in this choice that the extra heat from the CPU will affect the other 2 more than those 2 together affecting the CPU. The NB will go first or second, depending on how sensitive the NB is to warmer water to give a better overclock,

Last but not the least;
CPU -> Northbridge -> GPU

This one assumes that the NB is more sensitive than the second example, but giving prioity to the CPU will wield better overclocks than giving it to the NB first.

You will notice that I never mentioned the GPU as the highest prioity, as I am trying to get whats best for a better CPU overclock. I also remember reading an artice about someone putting a pelter on the GF3 Ti 200 doesn't really help it to be stable at higher AGP bus speeds, and pushing the FSB a few more Mhz will do more than pushing a few more Mhz on my GF3.

So c'mon, give your advice on this.
If keeping the CPU cool for overclocking is your main concern it would make sense to put it first in the loop cause your gonna want the coolest water going to it. What kind of chipset are you going to be using? I see plenty of people pushing their boards here with no water cooling on the north bridge, personally I'd put it last in the loop.