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How to attach HSF to Northbridge?

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Apr 10, 2001
How are you guys attaching HS to the Chipset? I have a spare coolermaster laying around but have no idea how to attach it other than artic Silver Epoxy. This hsf unit is a lot larger than the one that comes on the board. Are you guys drilling or tapping the heatsink some how and using screws through the holes in the motherboard??
anarki_gr (Jul 06, 2001 02:40 p.m.):
AS epoxy is the best and drilling holes into your mobo to mount it with screws would be extremely dangerous...

The Abit KT7A-R has holes already in the motherboard. The stock HSF unit on the Northbridge is mounted with plastic clips. I was curious if someone was using these holes somehow.
a tiny dab of super glue gel on each corner of the chip and AS in the middle. This is not as permanent as most think. It'll come off with some acetone. Just don't cover a large area........as I said, a dab.
I drilled two holes in the HSF and used self tapping screws. Not wanting to go the hardware store, I made some washers out of a lexan soda pop bottle to protect the traces on the back side of the motherboard.
I cut back the mounting tabs on my block cuz the holes didnt align elongated the holes in the block and used the mounting clips that came with the original fan works great temps are 28*c and thats after the cpu block
Ive used Shadows method as well as JB weld and had succes with both, all in all i prefere the superglue method, also you can use your arcticsilver glue in the corners if you want to get real fancy.

I quite often use old P3 heatsinks for the chipset on AMD boards. Hold the sink up to the board and trace out where the holes are. Next drill and tap the sink, I use 4-40 machine bolts. I cut a small square of plastic to insulate the mobo from the heads of the bolts, the past few I have done with some left over vinal siding from a job over the winter. Also it is a good idea to drill 2 large holes in the mobo tray so you can get to the heads of the bolts sould you ever have to remove the sink. I like this method much better then glue as you get better clamping preasure and a finer layer of grease for improved thermal transfer.