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How to Become a Benching Team Member

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Dec 26, 2006
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In order to become an official Overclockers.com bench team member, gain access to the lounge, and carry the banner you need to fulfill the following basic and easy requirements.

1. Register at HWBot.org and affiliate to the overclockers.com team

2. Submit a minimum of ten complete benchmark tests at HWbot.org - choose 10 from the following list of HWbot rankings.

3. Bench and gather points until you have reached, or exceeded a minimum total HWBot point count (global + hardware points) of 20 (twenty).

4. If you are new to Overclockers.com you will need to obtain 50 quality posts within the forums, in order to be eligible for the Benching Team.

5. Once you complete your 10 benches (one of each bench, total 10) AND you have reached, or exceeded, the 20 point count, send a private message (PM) to Janus67, Johan45, and Woomack (Benching Team Leaders, yes PM all of us) requesting to join the team and provide a link to your HWBot profile so they can review your submissions. If accepted, you'll get under your username, gain access to the private team area for secrets and tips, and get to hang out with a great bunch of guys ready and willing to help you get the most from your hardware (or kill it trying).


Question: What if I am a bench member now but do not meet the 20 point minimum requirement?
Answer: You will be given 30 days to increase your points to reach the 20 point minimum requirement.

Question: What if I fall below the 20 point minimum with the time to come?
Answer: It is your responsibility to check your point status on HWBot.org on a frequent basis to see if you meet the minimum however, you will be notified if you fall below and given 30 days to increase your points to the 20 point minimum or above.

Question: What if I do not meet the 20 point minimum after the 30 days in both cases as explained above?
Answer: You will lose your access to the benching lounge and your benching banner will be removed from your avatar.

Question: What if I'm unable to catch up on my points due to personal circumstances but would like to resume my benching activities and catch up soon?
Answer: Please contact the team leaders explaining your situation and we will review your case.

Question: What if I just cannot get above the 20 points and need help?
Answer: We encourage you to contact the team leaders or any of the team members carrying the banner to assist and help you to get there. We are there to help grow the bench community and strive to teach people the art of benching, no one should feel left behind !!

Question: How do I know what the team members' point count is?
Answer: Look here at the member list

Question: Where can I find some tips and tricks on how to run benchmarks more effectively to get more points?
Answer: Here is a great article on various benchmarks and how to get the most of it (LINK)

Janus67 & Johan45 & Woomack
OCF Benching Team Leaders
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ok, 1st one is done so far! I am going to try and knock out the rest tonight!

-Dj Spiel/Paul

Nice work...you need not post them all in here. Just Submit 10 different benches and one of the team captains will take a look over on HWbot at your account!

Good Luck!
My PHII 965BE is on its way from Newegg as we speak! Should be here friday. I have to work fri and sat though so no promises on submissions then. But hopefully some good O/C's will follow on sunday and I can submit my 10 results =D
Nice to see some new Brethren stepping up. Will look forward to all that make the submissions and join our little group of crazies.
I might even get my 965 today, I just checked the tracker. I'll start a new thread for it in the AMD cpu section as soon as I get it. I've never OC'd AM3 before, but I read Dolk's guide so I think I can manage it.
if you have never done it, it may just take more time to figure out what works with your specific hardware. You also dont have to kill it to get on the team. just do all the tests from hwbot.org and submit them, then get on the team. and the team will help with the rest of your learning process. Will look forward to seeing you.

This isnt to imply that we wont help if not on the team. I would offer some basic help but have zero time with amd's current offerings.
AMD tip #1...colder is always better. Tip #2...rarely do you need as much CPU/NB voltage as you think you might. Tip #3...in the beginning leave the HT as close to 2000mhz as you can.
thanks xoke! The CPU-NB seems to be the real big difference between AM2/+ and AM3 overclocking. Also... I've only ever overclocked nvidia chipsets... so I guess we shall see
Yeah...saying "fake" fullstop is not helping anybody. :shrug: He should at least say something else. I'll be the first to admit that IDK WTF is going on with an ES chip or CPUz, but if wants to dispute then it should be at the very least somewhat more descriptive...