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how to fill water cooling system?!

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Jul 3, 2001
any suggestions? should i hook some adition feed in system to put in water? but wouldnt that cause air to get trapped? i have the aquacool pump and reserver, should i fill the reservor, turn on the pump, let it run through, until water comes out the otherend, then hook up the other end to the 'dump in' spot?
btw, im planning on using distilled water, what product whould should i add to the water? and where can i get them?
I've never watercooled, but for my Physics final, I had to make a robotic arm, and in order to have the maximum amount of force, you need to replace ALL the air with water. Now I had my own little technique to fill the two syringes and tubing with water and not have even the smallest bubble of air, so maby I can modify it slightly to work for this...

First, I would fill a tank with water and get the pump pumping the water through the CPU block. Take the block and make sure that you set it down so that it is standing on it's side. When the water flows out, it will push all the air out with it. Wait until the water flows out the output tube before the next step. Next, hook the hose to the bottom of the radiator (for the same reason above) and wait till the water flows out the end of the radiator output hose into the tank.

Like I said, I haven't watercooled yet, so if you want to be SURE what you do will work, take advice from the watercoolers in the forum. I am assuming you have a resivuar and radiator for this, but since I haven't watercooled, I don't know all the parts...

Good Luck!
thanksfor the reply, i was thinking ofsomethingsimilar to that, the problem i have is getting the reservor completly full, maybe ill fill it will with water, run the pump, but still adding more water than what the pump is outputting, if thats possible, problem is it is air tight, and and putting it water, will no air coming out may be a prob
Your pump is in a reservoir, right? Just connect everything, fill the reservoir and turn the pump on. The system will bleed it's self. Just keep an eye on the water level in the reservoir. It may take up to half a day for all of the tiny bubbles to bleed out of the system
Just make sure that the reservior is the highest point in the system, so any air that enters it won't get back into the tubing. Then do like the others suggested, just fill it as best you can with water and leave the pump running to bleed it. I ran my closed loop system overnight to bleed it. If you have the pump submerged in the reservior everything's easy, but if the pump is inline (outside the reservior) you'll need to make sure it's filled with water before switching it on, otherwise you could damage the pump.