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How to fix dropped connection to web pages, requiring Reload of web page

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c(n*199780) Senior Member
Feb 18, 2002
When I connect to a 5GHz connection, I get 220 MBps but often when double clicking on a web page link, the connection is dropped and it doesn't connect to the page unless I RELOAD the page in browser.
No such problems at 2.4GHz but it's much slower at 2.4GHz than at 5GHz.

What can I do to make it not drop the initial connection @5GHz!?

I am testing my Internet Speeds after going through Router Firmware problems.

Verizon 5G at Home
30Mbps @Box by itself

35Mbps @2.4GHz through NETGEAR Router
220Mbps @5GHz through NETGEAR Router

105Mbps @2.4GHz through UBIQUITI Access Point

So I have to go through 5GHz NETGEAR Router because the highest technical support tier at UBIQUITI does not know why Windows 8.1 only displays UBIQUITI connections at 2.4GHz and not 5GHz.
Windows 10 displays both 5GHz and 2.4 GHz but not Windows 8.1 which I use 99% of the time.

But the question is what causes dropped initial connections @5GHz?
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Dear friend,

I am using
Asus PCE-AC55BT B1
with latest driver version, which is also the exact same latest driver version for Windows 10 as well.

I am using
Ubiquiti Access Point WiFi 6 Long-Range U6-LR-US
with updated Firmware
OK this helps a lot! Your Ubiquity access point is wifi-6 your netgear is AC and your wifi adapter is AC.

"Several Wi-Fi adapters from Intel have known issues with Wi-Fi 6 networks. These problems are mostly resolved with a driver update, but it's important to know that those updates are not part of any Windows updates, so they will...
Just wondering if the ends justify the means. It sounds like a lot of effort for little tangible gains (you say it's faster...but is it really?).

I get wanting to have options... no doubt! But not having one doesn't drive me batty or to use an old OS. :)
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We are all different people, and diversity is key to success.

Plus you know, some people spend their time drinking beer and eating Doritos, some spend time doing dope - do their ends justify their means?
I choose to spend time doing things like designing a Windows XP Start Menu button and making things custom for my PC.

Windows 8 old?
Windows 10 is being replaced by Windows 11 - and throughout Win10's *entire* existence, Windows 8 has had its own Security Patch Tuesday, all this time and into 2023.
Windows 8 users skipped all the surprises Windows 10 users discovered the hard way, by being Windows 10 Beta testers all these years (!)

Every new Windows 10 build was a Beta build OS for years.
Windows 10 is more stable today and it is a mature OS.
Thank you for your sacrifices in testing Win10 all these years.

Meanwhile we were not testing any new features on Windows 8. Time was spent customizing it for personal custom use instead. No major issues on Win 8 side, the way there were on WIn10's side, especially in the first few years.

Get a room (i think?!)! So much PDA (and hate)! :p

I kid. I get it...I like my box. It works for me too. Sometimes you just get tired of swimming upstream. ;)
You don't know the half of it. You think all that was cra-ZY?

Firefox is on version 100 but I am posting this on Firefox 52.9 which I use for Overclockers because it is the last version of any browser which can be customized to use the Windows Favorites physical folder to launch Bookmarks..

Since 2018 I've been trying to figure out a way to incorporate Favorites folder into a browser. I think I can do it, just need some more free time.. I'll post on here when I do it.
It's a hobby, it's okay, just like any hobby. No upstream swimming. It's fun.

Ten years ago Trailer Trash drawing a salary from Microsoft officially said you can never (ever) run Menu-based Office 2003 on the same system as their new UNCUSTOMIZABLE Ribbon-based MS Office.
Challenge was accepted, and it was done. PROOF:
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I guess, it's a lot like the rest of us spending hours and hours to get 100mhz more overclock for what, .0004fps in games? was it worth the tweaking or was it just fun to get that extra 100mhz. I feel ya bro. A lot cheaper hobby than a lot of us have :) it's free just costs time.

Is that you're win 8.1 task bar? it looks a lot like win11 stock lol minus the start button actually saying start.

One feature I've found I love in 11 is the task bar shows the status of the programs now, so say you have a notification in outlook or chrome, those pop up a little icon above it to let you know what service has notifications. Handy when you're in no less than 10 browser tabs and 4-8 apps at any given time. I think the red is urgent notifications or something, not 100% sure.. now I gotta find out.

Edit: red means unread notifications, the icon just shows who you're logged into that app as.


Taskbar shortcuts are my Jam, no more desktop shortcuts and no more using the start menu, I haven't actually used it in years. If there's anything in there I need tap the winkey and start typing it and it'll bring it up for you.

If there was one complaint about win11 task bar it'd be that open applications are mixed in with shortcuts so you gotta look to see if it's highlighted to see if it's open or not already.

Hope were not de-railing this thread so far, thank goodness for the new solution feature in the forums lol no one gotta sift through ;)

p.s. if anyone's made it this far... install new drivers from intel ;)
This thread has been off the rails for days now, lol. The Intel Wi-Fi drivers corrected the second issue. The 'solution' is also for the second issue which is not the subject of the thread (related, surely). The solution to the problem brought up in the title of the thread was much earlier (to update/run ipv6 IIRC) and is not the marked solution. ;)

I only use the start button to search for things I don't have a shortcut for. lol. With how Windows 11 shuts down (does it? lol) my apps come up anyway, lol.

We do have a W11 thread I thought....
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I mean we have an option to stop talking and not use the forums because the forums only permit strictly talking about the thread topic and nothing else?
But then I wouldn't have learned about WIndows 11 from wagex...

My 2016 Skylake is not eligible for a Windows 11 install but I aim to upgrade when next gen comes out, and will immediately dive into Windows 11 so thanks for that taskbar info wagex,
So your browser has a little icon thing that says there's a notification, like what kind of a notification, just curious for exact purpose? It looks cool.

Do you get ads on Windows 11? I heard the OS reinstall is once a year now, not every six months.
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I mean we have an option to stop talking and not use the forums because the forums only permit strictly talking about the thread topic and nothing else?
Lol, of course not (really??). I was pointing out the conundrum....

...from a search standpoint, are you going to look up how to fixed dropped connections when the problem you're looking to solve is an AP not displaying the 5ghz band? How to get visibility. ;)
wagex happened to have solved a much bigger problem.
Although the dropped connections problem is resolved, how? Was it the Firmware, was it the drivers? It was one or both.

Updated drivers are not available from Asus for either Win8 or Win10 or WIn11.
They were only available from Intel.

If you review an Asus product - make a note to their rep that Unlike Ubiquiti, Asus management team completely ignored my specific request, to make wagex's solution part of standard Level 1 tech support data base of possible solutions. Whereas Ubiquiti specifically went out of their way to have a manager write back with this explicit assurance, Ubiquiti is a fine company.

I would like to thank overclockers forums for pointing me in their direction. I cannot imagine buying a non-Ubiquiti product regardless of how good of a deal it is, I would be opening the door to hell of lost hours of time, managing so many WiFi devices with non-Ubiquiti hardware. It can only be done with Ubiquiti, although I am curious which other competitors exist to match Ubiquiti since Ubiquiti is in a league of their own.
Was it the Firmware, was it the drivers? It was one or both.
You tell us. :)

According your post (#12), you enabled ipv6 and that seemed to work for the connectivity issue. You stated you updated the firmware prior to that (#19 - 'first thing i did'), right? Then, days later, you updated to the Intel drivers which resolved the 5ghz issue. Assuming that's correct, drivers nor firmware played a role in the first/thread title issue.

Can you confirm what resolved the thread title issue going back through your posts?
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Let's overview what was done:

- ROUTER Netgear R7960P a.k.a. Nighthawk X6S AC3600 Tri-Band WiFi Router > Advanced > Advanced Setup > IPv6 > Internet Connection Type > CHANGE from Disabled to AUTO DETECT > Apply
You then must REBOOT Router.
On latest Netgear Firmware this uncrippled internet download speeds like removing a plug from a hot tub. Speeds skyrocketed.

- ACCESS POINT WiFi 6 Long-Range U6-LR-US was updated to en even more current Firmware version. Firmware overview mentioned the words 'packet loss' resolution indicating a possibility that this thread topic was about 'packet loss' which was resolved by this Firmware update.

-Asus WiFi card Asus PCE-AC55BT B1 was updated with Intel latest drivers which enabled the Asus Card to see Ubiquiti's 5GHz band, which it could not do before.
Did these latest Intel drivers also contribute to a resolution? Unclear.

Point of interest is that Asus Drivers were checked to be identical under Windows 8 and Windows 10.
Why then was Windows 10 able to see Ubiquiti's 5GHz band despite using exact same Asus driver version as Windows 8.1, which could not see the 5GHz band until the driver version was updated with Intel's driver under WIn8.1?

Option A: Windows 10 itself could have compensated somehow.
Option B: Asus drivers were not identical, even though they both used exact same driver version, as can be also seen on the card's Asus web site. Driver version is the same for Windows 10.


One sentence answer:
Firmware update Router / Access Point, then driver update your WiFi device by installing drivers from Intel/AMD if a manufacturer like Asus is not offering the latest driver version for your WiFi device.
Good summary! Ty!

Perhaps I don't understand the chronology/order of operations, but I'm just not on the boat that firmware had anything to do with the connectivity/5ghz issue, but do believe it got your speeds straight on one router. Just seemed like all firmware was updated and the applied fixes for connectivity (enable ipv6) and 5ghz (update wifi driver) were after all firmware updates. Apologies if stuff is going over my head. I'll leave it at that! :)

Worth noting, Realtek is another common mfg of wifi devices, both integrated and discrete cards. Before updating your driver, make sure you get the right one for your particular wi-fi card (i.e...if realt3k, go to the Realtek website for drivers). I don't think AMD makes wifi, but having the latest chipset drivers and bios on your mobo couldn't hurt either. :thup: