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How to force flash nvidia vBIOS ?

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Dec 1, 2016
Hello guys,
could you please explain me how to force flash nVidia vBIOS?

I'm trying to flash GTX1060 but the vBIOS I need has different PCI Device ID.
In old nvflash it used to be nvflash -4 -5 -6 bios.rom

It looks like new nvflash no longer recognizes switches -4 -5.
-6 works but it only overrides subsystem ID, I need to override Device ID.

Device ID and subsystem ID on my card is 1C60 11FF. I need vBIOS of 1C20 11FF
nvflash -6 bios.rom does not work, errors out saying PCI Device ID mismatch.

nflash -4 -5 bios.rom displays help because -4 and -5 are not valid commands.

Does anyone know how do I do force flash in new version of nvflash ?

I read something about -o3 but this one says it cannot write to unknown EEPROM. - Even after I did --protectoff. Plus It can flash same vBIOS I already have just fine, so EEPROM is not unknown.

Any ideas please ?
Try -f -6 or -j -6

If neither of those work you have to edit the bios and change the device ID.
Make sure you have NVFlash ver. 5.287 for pascal and you can use "protectoff" or "protectoff r" to remove write protection
Another tip. Always save your original BIOS using the flash utility. I know that GPUz is supposed to work but it doesn't always pick up all the data and especially troublesome with the uefi portion on newer cards. So write back fails. Using the utility will copy the full BIOS and save headaches in the future if your flash goes bad.
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The -j switch that I mentioned removes all protections, just so everybody knows.
Thanks Scotty, I've never run across that command my guide doesn't even mention it.

NVIDIA Firmware Update Utility

Save firmware to file: nvflash [options] --save <filename>
Display version: nvflash [options] --version [<filename>]
Check for supported EEPROM: nvflash [options] --check
List adapters: nvflash [options] --list
Write protect EEPROM: nvflash [options] --protecton
Remove write protect: nvflash [options] --protectoff

-- Commands and Options --
help ? Display this screen.
save b <filename> Read EEPROM and save to <filename>.
compare k <filename> Read EEPROM and compare with <filename>.
verify h <filename> Verify <filename> matches EEPROM if flashed.
version v <filename> Display file version and ~CRC32
(if no filename, acts on display adapter).

check c Check for supported EEPROM.
list a List all NVIDIA display adapters found in
the system.

protecton w Write protect EEPROM (only on some EEPROM's).
protectoff r Remove EEPROM write protect (only on some

license <license file> Provide a HULK <license file>.
licinfo Display HULK license content. HULK license is
provided by --license option.

ecid Display GPU ECID.
licreq <file>,<reqType> Generate a License Request File to submit to Nvidia.
lspci List all the PCI devices in the system.
setpci <R.W>[=D[:M]] Read/Write PCI Config register.
Format is: <REG.WIDTH>[=DATA[:MASK]]
Read operation: <REG.WIDTH>
Write operation: <REG.WIDTH>=DATA[:MASK]

proggmac <filename> Flash the application image to GMAC MCU.
savegmac <filename> Read back the GMAC application image and
save to <filename>.

listgmac List all the GMAC devices in the system
querygmac [<filename>] Display the GMAC application version
(if no filename, acts on display adapter).

buildinfo Display build information.
upgradeonly Only allow upgrading of firmware based on

overridesub 6 Allow firmware and adapter PCI subsystem ID

index i <index> Force a specific device index.
pcisegbus B [<seg#>:]<bus#> Select a specific device by using a specified
segment# and bus#. The following format
is allowed, <seg#>:<bus#>:<dev#>.<func#>.
All numbers are hexadecimal. The segment#
can be optional, and has a default value(0)
if no input value.The dev# and the func#
can be omitted for the --pcisegbus command.

auto A When possible, run without user intervention.
silence s Silence all audio beeps.
beep ! Beep to signal updating progress.
nolight l Do not light keyboard LEDs.
override o <level> Override safety check level:
default unknown EEPROM | NV adapter aborts application.
level=1 unknown EEPROM acceptable for read operations.
level=2 unknown NV adapter acceptable for read operations.
level=3 Combined effect of 1,2 (cannot write to unknown EEPROM or adapter).

log L <log file> Create a log file.
nopowerchk p Skip power level check.
offswdriver S Turn off automatic switch driver state.

Use a single dash ("-") to use the single letter version of a command.
Use a double dash ("--") to use the longer descriptive version of a command.
Use equals ("=") to specify parameters, with separating commas (",").

-- Sample Usage --
nvflash --index=1 nv30nz.rom