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How to get 1:1 synchronous memory setting with Ryzen 3600MHz

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May 17, 2003
So I must be missing something.

I have been reading, a lot. I understand the benefit of synchronous memory and FCLK/Infinity Fabric. But I can't get there.

So I don't have the best RAM, I guess. I thought it was a bit better than this when I bought it, but it is Hynix C-die CJR.

Advertised timings are 3600 16-19-19-39-1T, which is where I have it set.

FCLK is 1800, BCLK 100, DDR 3600 settings.

But it still shows me at 3:54 ratio in CPU-Z, even though Ryzen Master confirms these settings as they are in the BIOS.


I realize it is a minor improvement, if anything, I'm just trying to optimize things, want to learn about how much these things do on actual benchmarks and such. Right now I'm just trying to squeeze a few more points on Superposition and I've got my video card maxxed as well as I think I can (without starting to push voltage, which I don't know would help me much) - new BIOS, +200 GPU/+1300mem, CPU is clocked to 4.5GHz. I don't want to run these settings daily, but I would like to see how much my scores might increase with a 1:1 FSB/DRAM ratio. From what I can see on my other settings, I should BE there, like I said, FCLK and Mem Clock are both at 1800.

I upped memory voltage a tiny bit to 1.3750 and SOC to 1.1, also.

Something else I should be trying? Is my memory actually being downclocked at boot if I don't raise my voltage more? And Ryzen Master is showing me BIOS settings while CPU-Z is showing me actual live settings after a downclock or something?

<edit> I just went and upped my memory voltage.

Previous setting 1.3750 ---> Actual 1.384
New setting 1.40 ---> Actual 1.408

No change (I didn't expect one), still at 3:54.

I figure this is something obvious I am overlooking as a new-to-RAM-settings kind of person. I would at least like to run 3600 at stock (suggested) timings at 1:1.

I'm contemplating some new RAM, anyways, as I'd like some RGB RAM, and if I do so, I'll have to research what to get - GSkill Trident Z seems common for this, but of course, I know it all depends on the chips you get.
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Don't look at ratios in CPU-Z. Look at DRAM clock and NB clock. If these 2 are the same then it runs at 1:1.
CPU-Z is not always reading ratios right. The same is doesn't read RAM SPD right. Still NB and DRAM clocks are usually correct.

ASUS ROG series mobos support well pretty much every popular DDR4 memory and all counting manufacturers design their RGB RAM to work with ASUS. I wouldn't worry about the RAM brand and if you are not going to compete in benchmarks then I wouldn't worry about the IC. As long as the capacity and XMP meets your needs then all should be fine.
I'm not sure if exchanging RAM is worth the money in your case. Maybe if you want RGB, but you won't get any significant performance gain. Looking at my results it will be maybe 0-1% FPS more in games.
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Ahhh ok, so then that helps. I wasn't aware CPU-Z wasn't reading correctly, here I was thinking I had a setting wrong somewhere. It's showing 1799.6 NB Frequency and 1799.6MHz DRAM Frequency, so I didn't understand why it was showing 3:54.

I guess I will work on trying to tighten timings a bit and see if I can squeeze a few more points out for now. I've got Thaiphoon Burner and the DRAM Calculator from 1usmus to work with.

Thanks for the clarification!
If you take your DRAM frequency over 1800 (DDR3600) you need to manually set the FClock to match it. On Auto if you set DDR3602 the FClock will go to 901. Some people can manually get to 3800/1900 while other can't even get to 3666/1833.
There are 2 voltage settings in your bios that will help, can't remember off the top ov my head when I get a chance to look it up ill post back. A real busy day today so check back later tonight.
Bump your SOC to 1.1v and play with CLDO VDDP and CLDO VDDG start around 1.0v VDDP & VDDG if you need to bump more VDDG to 1.1 if that doesn't work you're SOL. I still haven't got my system up running ran into some fit issues with my new fans, I just haven't had time or the drive to finish it .

Work was up and down last week with the outbreak at Canada Post sorting plant in Mississauga they sent home a whole shift of 350 people that I know of, this week will be busy as they are getting people back and wading through the backlog about 100 transport trailers. I may have time to get it running to check my particular settings but more than likely not till the weekend if then. I seen the head of Kingston plant talking to my boss this AM I will hear more about it tomorrow my guess is more overtime till this mess is cleaned up probably working this weekend.