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How to get better airflow with W/C...

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Mar 9, 2003
Many of you may have seen my post about my new watercooling rig.... Well my temps are great, like 91-93 F when the side panel is off. But with it on, they climb to about 96-98. :mad: How can i keep the temps down? Is it just the radiator that would probably be the difference between the two situations?


Its a lian li pc-60... So there are 2 80 mmintake fans in the front and 2 80 mm exhaust, one on top and one under PSU.

Would it help to have another exhaust near the bottom, like below my PCI card? I really don't get why the side panel effects the temps, the air from outside the case is blown directly on the Radiator....


*** UPDATE *** I took out the PCI card walls and placed an 80 mm exhaust fan down there, we will see how the temps do now...
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Jun 22, 2002
Beijing, China
I bet if you put a fan right next to your video card on teh side panel (and one in the HDD bay if you don't ahve one). Anyhow, I wouldn't worry about it, a 2 celcius differnce probably won't matter much (unless you ARE getting problems with your side on). I would stick a litte fan on that NB though.
I am curious though, on teh front side of the radiotor (as in front of the case) is there a fan there? Is it 2 80mm? I would either seal that section off from the rest of the case or just take those two fans out unless they blow more air than the radiator fan. I would guess that the differnce one of two things; The air that gets pulled through the radiator is cooler when the case side is off and therfore when it gets passed by the motherboard sensor it is cooler as well, or you just don't have enough exhaust.


Jun 17, 2003
Silver Spring MD
Im having the same problem, all of my case fans are papst. they are silent, but they dont move that much air. my back fans were sucking in air, still my temps were a bit high, so I reversed them, and now im seeing better results.