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how to get started with BEoS?

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Mr. Chambers

Feb 25, 2001
hi all, i'm trying to get started with some different os's besides windows... i downloaded beOS because a friend of mine showed it too me and looked pretty cool, cept it doesnt support any of my hardware, but someone on another message board said i just had to find the drivers... exactly where do i find these drivers and do they even exist? my system is as follows:

-1600+ amd athlon xp
-shuttle ak31 kt266a mobo
-ati radeon 32mb ddr
-384mb ddr ram
-45 gb ibm deskstar hd
-zoom modem i think? cheapo..
-sb audigy x-gamer sc

thats about it! any help, urls, or anything would be greatly appreciated.. thanks alot guys!


Senior Member
Oct 31, 2001
www.bebits.com has most everything for Beos.

It should boot and run on your motherboard, I think bebits should have some Radeon drivers, no idea about the Audigy - you are probably SOL on that.