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how to get the sticker off

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Apr 3, 2001
I've had my 1 GHz Tbird for quite a while. It came in a retail box and it took me a couple hours and a couple of bleeding thumbs to get the heatsink that was included to latch onto the CPU. I think I am limited to 1.1 GHz by heat because I am using the sticker that came with the heatsink instead of thermal paste, which I have heard is better in its thermal properties. I am using enough fans to actually generate air circulation in the room but the CPU still hovers around 50C and it's getting hotter with the warm weather.

Is it possible to remove the sticker and apply paste in its place? If so, how would I go about doing that? If I get another retail boxed CPU for my new computer should I remove the sticker before mounting it on the MB and apply paste from the start? How much of a decrease in temperature can I expect if I use paste instead of the sticker?
The paste itself won't make a ground breaking difference. I'd say 3 degrees C at most. Your heatsink/fan combo is probably the culprit. I'd invest in a good unit like the Millenium Glaciator with a C/W of .18 or the Swiftech MC462-A.
I swear by Goo Gone

Goo Gone only costs a few bucks I think and it is available at any store pretty much. I have installed lots of heatsinks after I removed that pad with the stuff.
Turn the HS over and let it sit on a level surface. Apply a liberal squirt of Goo Gone and let it soak that way for a full two minutes. Then take a fresh razor blade and very gently and slowly slide it underneath the pad. Don't force it, just wiggle it back and forth and the pad will come off leaving barely any residue. Chuck the pad then wipe down the HS with some paper towels and more Goo Gone. It is amazingly clean. I usually wash the heatsink in soap and water, rinsing it several times to make sure there is no Goo Gone or pad residue left. I even avoid touching the HS interface surface after I dry it to keep any finger oils off it. At this point you could lap it if you wanted. I have done this process many times and have had terrific results.
Thanks for the advice. I have never heard of those particular heatsinks. Do you know of a place online where I could check them out? None of the places I know of stock those brands.
Thanks. I will try to find some of that Goo Gone. What do you mean by "lap it"?
laping is the process of sanding the surface of the HS that touches the CPU die.....the idea is to make it flat as possiable not so much smooth but flat....i lapped my HSF and went up to 1500 grit paper noticed 1-2c drop in temps...some say that 1500 is still to smooth im planing on trying it again this time with 800-1000 grit to see what happens.....if you were to do it did wrap a piece of sand paper around a block of wood and wetsand the HS just make sure you clean it really well, acetone usuall does the trick.
Definately get rid of all the thermal pad, when i got rid of mine then lapped the bottom of the heat sink, got some AS2
then bang 7^C off my overclocked high load temp.
Don't get overzealous with the lapping. You are removing microscoping peaks and after a while you will be making a big crater and therefore widening the distance between the cpu and the HS.

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I feel u SleepyKat i didn't lap my "GLADIATOR" for the same reason. I got tired of trying to clean off the tape and the glue thats left behind so i took "EXTREME MEASURES" i do my own brake jobs when i need too and u gotta use a brakedust cleaner when doing it. When i used this to clean my HS man did it come off with no problems just make sure ur room is well ventilated or go outside.


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all these exotic things to remove the pad, just use nail polish remover, its cheap, safe, and works like a charm!
William (Jun 07, 2001 06:04 p.m.):
all these exotic things to remove the pad, just use nail polish remover, its cheap, safe, and works like a charm!

Thanks, I'll use some when my new fancy heatsink arrives. That seems like the easiest thing. Does it matter if it contains acetone? Also is it really difficult to get the heatsink unstuck from the cpu or will they come apart easily?
There are many solvents that will cut the pad residue. In addition to whats already been mentioned acetone and mineral spirits work quite well to.
What gives with the HS manufacturers anyway? Anyone who spends more that $25 for a HS knows about thermal paste. Why don't they get the message????? ARGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH
Not all HSFs need lapping. Some of the better ones comes with an excellent finish already on them. It doesn't hurt to clean them several passes with a good degreaser though.

hehehe... why spend money on something so EASY to remove..
i purchased a thermoengine and it had the pad on the bottom.. i simply scraped most of it off ,with what little fingernails i have left, and used metholated spirits (metho) to clean of residue (u cant beat it, cleans all greases and oils and dries VERY quickly)
Everyone's home has a bottle of metho.. (surely.. :)
I would prefer to use a pure alcohol solution to clear the remains of the sticker off. Methylated spirits, unless colourless will leave a slight residue on the surface of the heat sink. Here in the UK it's impossible to find uncoloured meths. The real stuff tastes just like Gin!!!!
You should use some oil free solvent. Acetone work wonders with all kind of thermal tape. If you want to lap use grades 400, 600, 800 and finally 1500. Alwaya use a flat surface for the lapping.

A good guide of thermal paste removal and application is here . One of the best thermal paste is Artic Silver, try to grab a tube if you see one.