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How to get the thermail pad off, please help

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Feb 5, 2001
hey i bought a taisol cgk with a thermail pad and aritc silver 2. How do itake the thermal pad off safely? thanks
ok, here's what i do to get thermal pads off. i use an amazing tool, the fingernail. scrap off as much as you can. fingernail is good because unlike a knife or something hard it wont scratch up the heatsink. i use rubbing alcohol to get any leftovers off.
and how much artic silver 2 do u use and how do u apply it? Also do u hadve to get every last bit of the pad off?
The only way to get all of the pad off is to lap the heatsink. There are microscopic surface imperfections in your heatsink that can't be cleaned with solvents. These surface imperfections are where a heatsink compound is needed most. LAP IT.

Application instructions are at www.articsilver.com
What do u mean by lap it? Sorry ive never put a comp together be4 this i my first time.
lapping is very fine sanding to a nice polished finish. we have an article on it here, in the cooling section. i'm pretty sure there are articles on lapping on the main overclockers.com page as well.