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How to make a res quickly.

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Oct 13, 2002
my bay-res isnt coming in for 3 days and I remain computerless.

so im picking up a little cup @ the home depot along w/ sum clamps.

Can i just put two holes in the top then stick the tubing thru, fill it w/ water then use teflon tape to seal it?
if you stick it thru the top, or you could just get some brass barbs and drill the holes and screw them in,
i made a rez out of a project box from radio shack...
frodo food box haha. i am making one out of a 4x4x4 inch electrical junction bow form home depot it was only like 4 bux and it comes wit a big oring
electrical junction box is the way to go. Mine is 6x6x4 because I run my pump submerged, but you can use a smaller one like [EG]~NaTz~.

Take a look



Meh, an elctrical junction box would cost me like 12 bucks canadian. i was gonna get one, but I found a tupperware one taht looks exaclty lke an electrical junciton box cep it's white and plastic. Heck If you coul dget a tupperware blue box it would look better then an junc. box. I put 2 brass barbs in mine, some goop and i was ready to go

If your only waiting 3 days, why not just stick a T on that line untill you get your bay res.

God damn those bay res's are one fine piece:D
I already bought a 6" diameter 6" tall rubbermaid container. It will go outside my case.
Do I really need barbs for such a temperary set up?
I can put a via aqua 1300 in that, right?
Which one is the inlet and which one is the outlet in that pump.
The top is the outlet. If you are going to run it submerged for a couple days, then you only need a barb on the outlet of the pump. The inlet can just go directly into the res.
This is just my opinion, but I don't recommend putting the return waterbarb at the top of the res for 2 reason. The barb for the water leaving is fine at the top.

1)Noise. It will sound like a fish tank with the water falling back into the res
2)Possible bubles. You may cause alittle bit of foam to form at the top of the water from the agitation

It is better to put the return barb for the water on the side of the container so the water is returning to the container below the water level in the res.
dude if its is that freaking temporary then all u have to do is get a bowl bucket open container that can hold water and

1. attach ur output tube to ur pump then to ur block or watever

2. submerge ur return tube under the water in ur open bowl bucket or whatever

dont need barbs or any thing.....

ps how do you guyz tell what ur water level is in ur sealed res???

i got my junction box open right now i have my inlet and outlet tubes on the side of my box but .. iv not yet created a hole for my power cord so its juz sitting open right now but

when i do close it up how do u know what ur water level is?>
I have a 4x4x4 gray box at the mo ..once you've filled it and screwed down the lid the water level will stay the same so theres no need to check realy
but if you realy want to keep an eye on it
you could cut a slot in it and glue some plexi on the inside.

I,m just watting for goop to dry then ill have a home made 3 cd rom bay res that holds 3lts of water just in the res

slipknot said:
electrical junction box is the way to go. Mine is 6x6x4 because I run my pump submerged, but you can use a smaller one like [EG]~NaTz~.

Take a look




Hey, Slipknot. Is that a chief case?