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How to make a Windows 7 SP1 Convenience Rollup ISO with all updates up to 2016

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Never mind. I played with this some on my Windows 7 test machine and realize that once Virtual Clone Drive is installed in Windows 7 you can mount and unmount from File Manager just like in Windows 10.
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Okay, after a little more tweaking with wording and incorporating some recent suggestions here is tentative final press release ready version.


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I got your final draft late last night, f I don't get to it after work tonight, I will tomorrow for sure ;)
Do you still want me to go through mine? I was burned the last few weeks and I just couldn't bring myself to do it, but I think I've got a good couple of solid hours in me to focus on finishing that guide if you'd like.

I have a new problem now with Windows 7. I just ordered a Probook 450 G3 (these models are on their way out, but it's a nice cheap i7 system with a 1080 res 15" screen) and for whatever reason the installer WILL not recognize that it has the right USB drivers.

I accidentally deleted my original enterprise installer so I had to re-create from scratch the other day. I know I added the USB 3.0 drivers to both .wim files and I even went out of my way to get the "exact" file download that HP recommends for this laptop and inject those too. No dice. Not sure what to do with this giant paper weight at the moment.

A workaround I figure that'll work for sure is to just take the HDD out and put the drivers directly on it. I'm trying not to resort to this though, I have not had an issue getting USB 3.0 drivers or ports to work properly till this Probook. :(
trents finished his write up the other day, I am looking at it after work tonight.
Certainly can look at anything you put together too.

Yes, your problem is with that individual system.
USB3 drivers are notoriously difficult when it comes to Windows 7.

Those can be an extra separate install from the Windows 7 OS install.
I am in the process of revising everything and including the just released October 2016 update.
I have retrieved my old original Windows 7 computer in order to create the October 2016 Windows 7 iso, then test the installation.

I am glad we waited until October because October has a MAJOR switch in update delivery for Windows 7/8.
They will no longer be included separately -- only as a one single file, you can no longer individually select updates on Windows 7 and 8, starting a couple of days ago.
It took 30-45 minutes for my updated to September 2016 Windows 8.1 installation to just display the October 2016 updates yesterday.

It may be that including the October 2016 rollup will be crucial to avoid that long initial wait.
I will of course test that theory today on my old computer and a new October 2016 Windows 7 installation iso.
Stay tuned ;)
Yes, I'm sorry, I meant to say bulk single file is included for all security updates.
It used to be that they were also individual.

You are right that after Windows 10, people would think that it is just like Windows 10 where you can't make *any* selections.
You still can exclude optional updates and the like in Windows 7/8.
Thank you for that post.
With a repeat reminder to try a DVD in case of any problems with USB, with just one blank hard drive connected to the computer - I tested the new edited October 2016 instructions to fully work!

Windows 7 SP1 + all the security patches up to October 2016
is what edited instructions in Post#1 are now.

Windows 7 Update, in my case, displayed just 39 important updates in about 5 (five) minutes after initial boot and Windows 7 Update Check.
I consider this issue fully resolved! :salute:
I consider this issue fully resolved!

You (and the others) are to be commended. M$ has been jerking us around for how long on this issue? If I win the Powerball I'm going to offer you obscene amounts of money to assemble a team and create a decent OS. It's a long shot, but hey, I'm working on it!
Just send us a portion of the money you would spend on the powerball tickets. We're more likely to see something that way. I can PM you my Paypal address if you need it.
Just send us a portion of the money you would spend on the powerball tickets. We're more likely to see something that way. I can PM you my Paypal address if you need it.

:rofl: It would cost more to send it to everybody than I've spent on it. I'm working on it, but I'm not working particularly hard. LOL
The Microsoft Update Catalog site can be used by non-IE browsers but it's a little long-winded, use the RSS version search result: http://catalog.update.microsoft.com/v7/site/Rss.aspx?q=KB3125574&lang=en <-- change the KB# and hit Enter for whichever KB# you're looking for.

You could add the search result link to your Bookmarks/Favorites, use it as a template for future searches.

Currently, there's a bug with the Catalog site, if your browser is on top of server certification issues, you are likely to get a warning page about a mismatch, it's safe (imo) to ignore that and continue, the page will have the direct download link near the top.

MS have recently declared that they're working on making the Catalog site available to non-IE browsers, perhaps in the near future there'll be no need for such workarounds.
Thanks, satrow.

c6, we probably need to edit our tutorial to reflect this new information.
Sure but we are talking about one single download of one file only... Is there a case to be made why IE cannot be fired up for one file only?
Having said that, absolutely it is useful to share that information.
Well, it would be easy to amend and the link satrow gave will work in all browswer, including IE. I think making this change would add to the credibility of our tutorial.