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how to make any computer CRY!!!

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Jul 7, 2001
Well, last night I decided to try my luck at making a presentation with Macromedia Flash. I had a nice .swf file I had downloaded that was gonna be my template. So, I opened it up, but found you must "import" a .swf to make it editable. No prob. I opened it up, waited a couple of seconds, then started web browsing. I noticed my comp was getting kinda slow, so i checked, and it appeared that Flash had froze. Going to taskmanager, though, I saw something I'd never seen before. MY COMPUTER WAS USING ALMOST A GIG OF MEMORY! No kidding, check out these screen shots. Unfortunately, I only have 256MB RAM. :( Amazingly enough, it was still working! It ended up taking between 5-7 hours to convert a 7MB .swf file to a 216MB .fla file. I think I've found a new benchmark! just thought I'd let y'all know. Enjoy these screenshots
it probably ate the phsyical memoryin the first 2 seconds then windows swapped the hell outa your hd lol im surprised it even finished
You're system Idle % tells me everything. Flash was having problems converting that file. If it was running smoothly, you would show less of a system idle percentage.
kingslayer, you should note that my system runs 24/7. That system Idle % is mostly from the past few days.