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how to make the i7 9700k increase to 4.9 ghz

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Feb 18, 2017
Hello everyone I need help with the following, if it can be:
I have the cpu on the motherboard set to automatic and I see with cpu z that the idle processor stays between 4.7 / 4.8 ghz, obviously in perfect automatic voltage. the issue is that when I put the cpu in full load, it is limited to a maximum frequency of 4.6 ghz. I obviously want a full load to reach 4.9 ghz.
I guess you have to configure something in the bios so that the turbo boost of the CPU works at 4.9 at full load. I have the high performance energy configuration in windows.

My motherboard is asus z390e. At the moment I have configured the following options (the others are in automatic):

ASUS MultiCore Enhancement Disable
CPU Current Capability 140% (is the max)
Long Duration Package Power Limit 4096
Package Power Time Window 127
Short Duration Package Power Limit 4096
CPU Core/Cache Current Limit Max 255.75
CPU VCCIO Voltage 0.950 (estandar)
CPU System Agent Voltage 1.050 (estandar)

*I don't know if the energy options of the CPU in the bios should be deactivated and, especially what it should do with the intel speedsteps, Speed Shift Technology and TVB Voltage Optimizations.
Well, I hope your suggestions, thanks
What is the make and model of your CPU cooler?

Please list additional hardware components such as PSU (make and wattage), RAM (amount and frequency), case make and model and please describe your case fans placement and orientation with regard to intake and exhaust.

You must also be measuring CPU core temperatures under load with free software such as HWInfo64 or Realtemp (a simpler tool). Overclocking and keeping the CPU cool go hand in hand. You say nothing about your cooling or your temps.

To overclock you would want to go into bios and adjust settings manually. Please don't use the auto overclocking wizard. You would want the overclocking mode to be "manual" and your core voltages set to manual or override. You would also want to set the core frequency multiplier to apply to "all cores." Default turbo settings only apply the turbo frequency to some cores. You want all cores to run at the same speed. But first provide the information I asked for in the first two lines. If your cooling and case ventilation are inadequate you will not be able to overclock well. Keeping the CPU cool is very important when overclocking.

And when overclocking you don't want to start with your target goal of 4.9. The first thing you want to do is to stress test your system at stock default settings while monitoring temps to see if you have any headroom temperature wise to overclock. Then you would start gradually increasing the core frequency multiplier and stress test after each increment of increase, monitoring temps with each test. When you fail the stress test you would need to add more core voltage to make it stable.
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