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how to overclock EP-8KTA3L+?

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Feb 8, 2002
can anyone help me please on how to overclock my motherboard, and can anyone tell me what else can i do with this board?....... and is EPOX brands nice or easy to overclock, and can it handle to be overclocked?.... what if my system is unstable(like hanging or sometimes like its on a slow mode), and then i overclock it, will it become stable?..... and if i overclock my system, what do i overclock, is it just the cpu? can i also overclock my video card? and what are the things i can overclock and how?.....

my system:
1 gig AMD(athlon) processor
8KTA3L+ motherboard
256 mb SDRAM(2x 128mb pc133)PQI
32mb videocard
20 gig hdd
52x cd-rom
16x/12x/40x cd-writer
4 pcs fans
245 watts power supply

OS: Win 98 S.E.
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Apr 13, 2001
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first welcome too the forum
if that board has a multlipier choice and can raise the fsb so that board can be overclock
if your system hang you must raise the vcore example the thunderbird core is 1.75v so if you wanna your system stable you must raise the core
you can overclock your video card too just download the powerstrip or you can download the coolbits for your video card that can be overclock