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How to overclock RAM on an GA-Z170-Gaming K3 EU

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Jul 21, 2016
Yes, it's an EU issue of the Motherboard, atleast the name indicates this, but I wouldn't think it's far from an international or US version. It's rev. 1.0 and runs on the F2 BIOS version.
So I had no problems overclockin' my i5-6600K, runnin' at 4,4GHz and still testin' for more. But what I can't get behind is, how to alter the RAMs frequency! I have the Kingston Fury HyperX 8GB @ 2133MHz CL13 one. (Yes, only one stick, but I don't wanna hear anythin' bout DIMM or Dual-Mods. I bought it so I can upgrade it, when the time comes.) I've already activated it the XMP Profile and I'm positive that it runs at 2133MHz.

My BIOS seems just not to hook me up with the possibility to change the RAMs multiplicator, or atleast I can't find a way to do so. So can you guys help me out with this? I'm very certain, that my MB can actually increase the tact of the RAM, since the specs on the Dev's site actually state just this:
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Apr 7, 2016
In the OC tab search for DRAM overclock or something like that, Also try tinkering with the memory frequency if needed but dont forget to watch what it does to other components (If it does does something).