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how to overclock vid????

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Jan 8, 2002
ok im running a amd 1900,512 ddr, sound blaster live, with a g3 Ti500 and i was wondering how to oc it (ie what inervals to take in rivatuner, and also how to test if it is stable) Also yes i do have 3dmark if that is used to test stability..... thanks for the help

i usually just go up in small numbers. Like 2-3 mhz or so and run 3dmark and then go up and then run again and so on until i see any sign of artifacts on the screen. If it crashes altogether then obviously you have gone to far. Then, i back it down about 5 to 10 mhz to be in a safe range. I also monitor my temps on my card so i know that the card isn't getting extremely hot. If you cannot monitor your temps you might want to take the time to al least feel the ramsinks and the back of the card to make sure that when oc'ing they are not getting extremely hot.
i use rivatuner and other progs i use to test the stabiltity of my system are: prime95- great in my mind, i also use sandra because first off it tells you anything and everything you need to know and the tune-up wizard and the burn-in wizard really do come in handy. While using these programs to make sure my system is stable i am yet to see my system crash.
i know how to do it ie bump up core but dont know what steps say bump up core then memory to achieve best overclock. looking for a small giude here im new to vidoe card oc ing. thanks for your help also how can i guage temps i have no sensor???

i have no way to gauge temps so i just make sure its running cool by putting on the biggest heatsinks i can find :)....also ths suggested way is to keep memory same and then take core up to max then core same then memory up to max...and then find the best compromise between the two for perofromance, for example with Nvidia cards its the memory that holds you back with Radeons its the core...(cept the 8500 in which the memory holds you back a lot)