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how to overclock with k7t pro (6330)

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In my experince, it's very difficult to mulipier clock this board-I have the same one. I was able to FSB clock it, but it took time. First thing to do is burn in your cpu; go into the bios, and under frequency control, up the v-core voltage. I'm not sure what the default voltage is for your cpu, but let's just say that it's 1.75. Up it to 1.8 for a week, then go to 1.85. Don't rush this process, this is a crutial stage for a sucessful overclock. Before I go on-what speed and fsb does your tbird run at?
thank yiu for answer.
My tbird is a 750 MHz and don't know how much is my fsb.
I've already increase my voltage to 1.85v by the past is it important.
How much can be the highest frequency for this cpu.
Thank you.
T-Birds should be able to get over 1 gig, on a 133 bus-I think you're at 100 now. Since you've done the burn in, try this: shut your system off, un plug it, and press the front power button to drain any residual power from the system. Remove the J17 jumper, and re-start. With any luck, you'll be running at 997mhz. You'll probably need to look into a new fan-the Durons and Athlons are rated to 95C, but you'll want to stay well below that. I'm averaging 62C under load, which some consider high, but it's been stable for nearly a year now. Note: do not try to use Fuzzy Logic 3 if you do this; uninstall it before attempting this. It always crashed on my system once I started overclocking.
thank you for all these advices. I will try it.
I've got a good alpha like processor fan. I think it's good and three others fans in the box.

Thank you very much.
do you really have the same configuration as me.
A tbird 750 with a msi k7t pro (6330)
Where is the j17 jumper.

Thank you.
Frist unlock the CPU completely then get some good ram
a good Vid card a good HSF combo save the compoints place to one side
next get a 6 pax of beer. drink at lest 4 befor proceding to next step have a smoke wile performing the next step.
then get a few ozs of gasoline take the board out side then
1 set borad on gruond poor gas over borad ( cover evenly)
2 lite match
3 lite smoke
4 lite borad ENJOY your smoke then get a good borad just read
youll find the one I got 1 there arnt what they clame