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How to remove GPU cooler???

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Jan 3, 2001
I was thinking about Blue Orb for my Annihilator Pro, but that heatsink seems to be sitingt there pretty tight. Somebody knows how to remove it safely, without cracking the GPU?
put the card in the anti-static bag it came in and wrap the end up and tape it closed making sure there is very little air i it, then put this in a plastic bag and do the same to this and put it in the freazer for about 20-30 minutes, then when you take it out the glue on the chip should be brittle and the heatsihnk should pop off with a little pressure, then you will need to leave the card for a while for it to defrost :)
i was going to write all that, but then i read phils post in the second window, he's right, or u can go the other way and run 3dmark and other games, seti and prime for a while, get her cooking, then take it off, the frag tape will just melt apart, then slap some silver on it after u've clean it (alcohol, not h20, lol, seen it happen).

good luck,

evga gf2 gts (230/380) stock cooling