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How to reverse 24x mod !?

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Apr 28, 2004
How do i reverse 24x mod !?

I was running 2 xp-m´s in my asus dualie, just 24x modded, and everyting was working just beautiful .

But i wanted a more quiet and less heat producing system by undervolting.
I read some where that i had to cut all L11 and then do a pin mod for undervolting.
Now the first sign of trouble, the cpu woudnt work properly untill i had pinmodded it back to its original vcore, so much for that unessecary tryout.

Now for the big problem.

I figured i would give the cpu to my girlfriend because of the cuttingjobs, so i wanted to remove the L5 24x mod and the L5 mobile mod by using a exacto knífe.
Even though i definitively cut away both; 24x (defrogger filled) bridge and and mobile bridge, windows still reports xp mobile cpu/powernow.
I can live with that, but my girlfriend elitegroup k7s5a boots of the bloody L6 bridge when it detects a mobile, thereby booting of the 24x override.

Is there any way i can lower the 24x overide (maximum multiplier) that has somhow gotten itself stuck in that value together with the stuck powernow, by perhaps altering the L6 to something a little lower threby hopefully lowering the 24x overide if it is still dependant of the L6?
Or is there any other way to undo the 24x overide outside of the L5 bridges?

Any help would be very apreciated!


Also 1 last question on the other cpu i didnt do any voltage jobs, only cut away L5, 24x and mobile bridge, to get a true MP.
I have it pinmodded to [email protected]=2267mhz, windows recognizes it as athlon MP, but during POST it only says *athlon xp 2267 mhz with a star infront of it , and mp capable.
I suspect that is because the mhz does not resemble any of the true MP processors thereby POST not giving it the corect name that applies to a set speed.
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Aug 3, 2003
Try pin modding that xp-m to something modest like 15. leave it as a mobile. I believe the pin mod will over-ride the L6 multi, maybe not though. If that doesnt work, try getting a hacked bios that doesn't boot to the L6.

Also, for the undervolting, have you tried any pin mods?

P.S (yes that is normal)