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How to run program in 800x600 resolution?

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Jun 29, 2003
My default resolution on Windows XP Pro is: 1024x768

But a certain program that I run only runs in 800x600 mode, otherwise the program is much smaller than the viewable screen area and it is just too small to read on a 17" monitor.

I am wondering if there is a way for me to make this program change the monitor's resolution to: 800x600 when it starts up, and then have the resolution change back to 1024x768 when I close the program. I want this to be all done automatically.

I know that if you go into the icon settings for the start icon of this program, you can go to the "compatibility" tab and there is a check box to run this program in 640x480 resolution, but this won't help me, because the program ONLY runs in 800x600.

So I don't know if there is a way to tweak the start menu icon of the program to force resolutions, etc. Unlike some other games and programs that will automatically change your resolution for you through the settings in the game, this particular program I am using has no options for that, and it is just hardcoded I guess to run in 800x600 screen resolution..

Please help.. thanks


Mar 1, 2004
Florida, U.S.A.
Hmm unless you can actually mess with the code of this program and modify it to accomodate different resolutions I don't think this can be done; you might be able to increase certain font sizes and possibly see whether the dialog boxes will grow to accomodate, but this would affect your whole system.

Maybe use some image magnification app (like the Magnifier but with a finer ability to zoom in and out, i.e. by fractions of a percent instead of 1x, 3x, etc), and zoom in enough with that so that the app fills your entire 1024x768 screen?!

RED Hot Machine

Inactive Moderator
Aug 5, 2001
Create a short cut with the code below as the command line.

You will need this program aswell.

reschange.exe -width=800 -height=600 -depth=8 -refresh=72 "c:\windows\program..exe"

replacing program.exe with your programs name and path


Jun 29, 2003
now the next question is, will this resolution changer program also work right using the Alt + Tab program switching?

so saying you are running windows at: 1024x768 and the game or program you are now running is at 800x600, now while in the game, you get an IM message and want to switch back to the windows desktop, so you do an Alt + Tab... will this then change your resolution back to: 1024x768 ? and then if you do another Alt + Tab to get back into your game or program will it automatically change the resolution BACK to 800x600 in the game?