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how to sell a computer

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Feb 24, 2004
Orlando, FL
Ok, this is really p***ing me off! :mad:
I have a computer I want to sell, but I just cannot find a way to sell it.

ebay- I don't have any rating, (0) and nobody would even consider buying from me. I don't have any friends that have good rating so ebay is completely out.

these forums- most people want to buy parts, not a whole computer, but if I take it apart and sell the parts, first: this is my main rig, so I'd have to sell the rest of the parts on the other one, and second: it will be slow and painful to sell all of the parts and get what they're worth. plus, I need to sell it fast because I'll need to buy a new computer.

How/where can I sell my computer? Any suggestions?

also, how can I find the shipping price without going to where I'm going to ship it from?


Mar 6, 2002
Derby UK
How about the local newspaper? It will most probably have a classifieds section in the back, just have a look through and then price accordingly. Granted, it may not get you the amount of cash you want, and it may also take some time to sell, but it can get sold.


Feb 26, 2003
You need to find the weight of the item and then go to UPS or Fedex and input the size / weight and it will give you an idea - same with th post office.

As for selling it - put some ad's around local grocery store bulletin boards and also colleges and universitys and high schools - also put it up for sale on forums :D

You can try it on ebay - i have bought from many 0 feedback people - every one needs to start somewhere!

Just make sure your add does not sound too chessy and crappy and just sound professional and explain why you are selling the system and include lots of details and good pictures.


May 23, 2004
you might have some luck in the classifieds section here, them folders are always looking for another ship to add to the fleet, :D

and the SETI boys ;)
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