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How to set the NVIDIA Geforce2 MX

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New Member
Mar 18, 2001
Im running a Pentuim 4 1300cl gamers PC.
with a NVIDIA geforce 2 MX.
would like to know anyones opinion on how to use the settings, it seems to me the color saturation on the MX looks terrible.
has this Digital Vibrance slide bar, im used to the 3DFX Voodoo products.
am getting around 7500marks on 3DMard2000, framerates are definetly awesome. its just the color saturation doesn't look right.
tried sliding up the gamma(helps some)...

Thanks...Peace out

well, its a brand new machine only about a week old, everything works great...give me some examples on how you have your card setings.(that is if your running a MX card).
In short can the MX be accelerated like a Voodoo..and how???
I have three machines running a Voodoo3 3000 AGP, and a Voodoo5 5000 AGP...not real familiar with NVIDIA yet.
need help with the overclocking part....the card works fine...I just don't like the color saturation!!!...(I Know im fussy about my V-Cards..hehh)

Thanks...peace out