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How to solder fans in parallel on XSPC Rad?

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Feb 20, 2009
Sacramento, Ca
Hello all, I am building a dual loop setup with each loop having a XSPC 360RX rad with 6 fans in push/pull sequence. I am using a Lamptron FC-2 fan controller and I want to solder three fans in parallel to one channel and use four channels to control 12 fans.

Is it as simple as soldering the three red wires together and the three black wires together? If I do that, should they all be soldered together at the same spot?

The fan controller I am using allows for 45W per channel, will three Scythe "Ultra Kaze" 2000 fans exceed 45W?

Thanks for the help.


Sep 15, 2007
Small town Emlenton, PA
Thats all there is to it! I ran the wires down the side of the rad to one spot. I just stripped the insulation off on the closest fan wires and twisted the other cut/stripped wires around it for a cleaner look. Soldered. I took the pins out of the connector and slid heatshrink up to that point.

Dunno about the 45 watts.


Nov 1, 2001
New Iberia, LA
According to the figures that Jab-tech has published for the 2000 rpm Ultra Kaze, the fan only draws 3 watts. Even if you allow double that for startup surge you still have plenty of headroom and could easily go with 6 fans per channel with a 45 watt/channel controller.