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How to tell UDMA status??

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Sep 3, 2002
Hi guys, a friend of mine is running XP and has a raid
controller with a 20gig and a 80 gig on it....not raided yet of course, waiting on another 80 gig.
Anyway....how can you tell what UDMA the drives on running at with XP, just want to be sure the 80gig is at 133(maxtor) and the 20gig is at 100. Seems like it was pretty obvious but I'm drawing a blank right now
Device Manager > Controller(either IDE or SCSI) > right click > Properties > Advanced Settings. It'll show the UDMA mode in XP, 2K just shows as DMA or PIO.
nut581 said:
Ultra DMA Mode 2 = ATA 66
Ultra DMA Mode 4 = ATA 100
Ultra DMA Mode 6 = ATA 133

Yea I know the codes :p Thx Xaotic, knew it was something ez :D
actually that didn't work...that only shows drives plugged into the board, remember this is an raid controller card (PCI). And looking at the drive properties or the raid controller properties dosen't mention UDMA settings either :/
Have you tried going into the BIOS of the RAID card? It should give you the mode on startup. Then, you'd have to search the Event Viewer to see if XP has throttled the DMA mode(normally look for a string of device or CRC errors).
yes, its configured correctly there, I just wanted to see if I could look that up while in XP. I'll check the Event Viewer just to dbl check. Thanks!