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how well do 2400+'s overclock ?

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Nov 8, 2002
i just got a new Mobo
Asus A7N8X (supposed to be great for OC'ing)
i wanted to know,
i heard the 2400+ is automatically unlocked in the KT400 chipset.
how about in the NForce2 chipset ?
also, is it worth saving up for the 2600+ (cause of the 333mhz FSB) or not
thanks guys
Hi Desperado, and Welcome To The Forums!

All these answers and *more* can be found by doing a search for 2400. Just click the search icon in the upper right corner, and be sure that you have selected the AMC CPU's board to serch.

Happy reading!
thanks for the help kosmic, but i actually wanted info on the 2400+ with regards to me mobo (A7V8NX)
and there isn't one there in the search.
Desperado, the reviews all indicate that the 2400 is unlocked using the A7N8x board. I would buy the 2400 right now, the 2600 is just too expensive for the extra 113 mhz difference.

Congratulations on purchasing a great board, I ordered mine yesterday and should have it installed over the weekend. Keep us posted on how it runs.
You might wanna hold out for a 2600 to get AIUGB stepping, or wait until the 2400s are all AIUGB from Newegg since that stepping is supposed to be a better OCer.

Can't tell you about that mobo, but yes all tbreds are supposed to be unlocked in kt400 & nforce2. I'm waiting for the epox nforce2 board to try and hit some insane FSB. :)