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how would 7800GTX look on big screen tv?

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Dec 1, 2005
i'm thinking of getting a http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.asp?Item=N82E16814121201

I have a 51" HDTV, and would be willing to move my computer into living room just to play it on this TV. But i'm wondering if anyone knows first hand how clear it would be, or have any links to people who have tryed it and reviewed it? i plan on playing games mainly, so i'd want it to be fairly clear.



Aug 27, 2004
It depends on which resolution you play it on....

You'd have to play on a high resolution so it looks clear though.



Former STASIS Guy
Oct 26, 2004
Bay Area, CA
If your HDTV has a HDCP compatible DVI input then you are in business. Assuming the screen itself is sharp, (more details would be good on what kind it is) you should enjoy a pretty good picture at 1080i (1920x1080). However, even a burly 7800GTX will have trouble driving todays latest titles at that kind of resolution. Don't expect to have perfect geometry or legible small fonts if your screen is a CRT projection unit. Only LCD, Plasma and DLP units can deliver a picture close to that of a regular monitor. :-/


May 3, 2003
Cleveland, GA
wrong, wrong, right!

There's whole forums dedicated to running games etc. and set up and configuration of Home Theatre PC's. My new rig will do nothing but push my HDTV and speaking from experience, coupled up with a good Home Theatre audio set up, it's friggin' awesome! But I digress.
Setting up your HDTV can be tricky and involve tweaking some settings that are covered loosely in this thread . But speaking from playing DOOM3 on a 32" LCD in 5.1 in the comfort on your easy chair is not an experience to be missed. :D

EDIT: PS. And that was with a 6800 ultra, so the 7800 shouldn't have any issues.