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how would i go about and test for stability?

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Oct 19, 2002
ive used sandra to burn-in/stress it for awhile. dunno if there is a better program at stressing memory and cpu

im still waiting on my vid card, so im using a pci vid card for now lol.

but i got my P4 2.4b to 3.186ghz which is more than i could hope for, at 1:1 divider at 177fsb. it seems my corsair cant really keep up, and i cant seem to get it to post at 150 at cas 2 226. but it not posting could be due to that stupid a7 cold boot problem i hear about in the abit boards, and it gets stuck at a7 for me. so im going to try and flash the bios today.

so right now, im just playing around with the settings and stuff on my it7-max2 hehe.
You could use Prime95. It has a stress test for the cpu and will stop if it gets any errors. And I don't think the ram is the problem since it's rated up to 200MHz CAS 2
Prime 95 is a pretty good test for stability. If you can run prime for say 5 hours without a calculation error, you're pretty stable.
As Tipycol and thefly said, Prime95 is pretty much the best stress tester out there. If you get the latest version (from www.mersenne.org) you can set it to use ~460M it will serve as a pretty good memory test as well.

If you just want to check your memory, the best mem tester is memtest86 (www.memtest86.com).
k thanks all. ill keep you updated, after i finish tweaking it, and find out how high it will go being stable.
Your Corsair isnt stopping you.It can go high enough....but it needs more voltage (2.9)....and of course it's rated @ cas2 3-3-6
so lower your settings and give the max Vmem your mobo has
(2.8 ?).....or else go for a Vmem mod