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how would i wire this connector for a nano power supply

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Mar 4, 2004
San Diego, CA
I have a Female 6 Pin Pcie style power adapter to 7.4*5.00 adapter that was fried believed due to some frayed wires and am looking for a new one. Cant seem to find the part but its essentially a dell Male DC jack to a female 6 pin video adapter. . When I measure the male 6 pin that connects to this adapter it looks like the 3 top wires are 19.5 and the 3 bottom are ground. I looked online and found the Dell Jack with cable, but it only has 3 wires (black, white, blue). How would I wire that up to a 6 pin . , I already put new wires on the PSU > 6 pin if you are wondering why the colored wires look backwards.

Not an electornics guru so I would need my answer dumbed down. thanks.


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Is for a Plex nano hd 400 psu. Like a quick disconnect from the first module to the side with all the atx plugs for a super slim gamer box.

this one?
i'd be surprised if you couldnt get a replacement from a company like this, for what these are they arent cheap

forget i asked i just found this

so they look backwards but i think you'd be able to double check with a multimeter to be safe, its kinda one of those things thats hard to tell from a distance

just going from the yellow wires being live (~20v) and assuming black is ground, comparing to this pin out diagram the voltage wires would be on the top side closest to the retaining clip (little white square on diagram connector)

this isnt any thing i can be absolutely positive of with out being there in person but from what i can see
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Finally coming back to this. The company cannot get be a replacement, not sure why, , but they gave me an amazon link to a dell connector with leads. Can i just solder the 3 + to the + and 3 - to the - , then omit the blue 3rd signal wire completely? Maybe use those solder seal connectors with some extra heatshrink? You were correct about the pin out.


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