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How would you set this up?

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The Xtreme Senior Nobody
Jun 21, 2001
Ok I am about to get all my components together here real soon and Im thinking of what would be the best route to go here. Im looking for any suggestions on this.

What I will have.

Asus A7N266 mobo
1.4 T-Bird
128 PC2100 Crucial Ram - plan on getting more but not possitive how soon. But should be VERY soon.
300W Antec PSU
IWill SideRAID66 Controler card
-2/20gig WD HDD's - both ata 66 7200rpm I believe (cant remember)
Adaptec 2940UW Controler card
-9gig Seagate SCSI Drive 10k rpm
cdrom - Sony cd Burner.

Now thats all of the major parts.. what Im thinking is to set it up like so.... Main HDD with OS and proggies the SCSI drive.

Then set the 2/20's in a RAID0 array as my secondary drives.
(SERIOUSLLY debating on buying another pair of 20 gigs for a RAID 0+1)

Ive never really messed with RAID before... although I know basiclly how to get it up and running. Now, how does the Roms fit into the picture? What would these go onto? The regular IDE channels? or? What would be the benefits of using the SCSI as my main drive? if any? Is that enough of a power supply? I will be having water cooling in here with a few fans for circulation. So Im not to worried about heat.

Anything for me here folk?
sounds like fun to me!!
1)are you sure those hd's are ata 66? i did'nt know they were available at 7200 rpm, but i'm by no means an expert.
2)300 watt ps is not going to be enough. i've got a enermax 431 on the way, only 70$ or so in price watch from a multitude of vendors, the 300 is barely enough on a basic amd system.
3)i'm still sortin' out my 20's at raid 0, but my board has a promise controller built in, and i've never played with scsi, my understanding is on a home pc gamer like i have, theres no speed gain, in fact its slower than ide for most app's. but like i said, i'm certainly no pro, learning more every minute, and i must say i sure am glad i stumbled on to this forum, great educational tool!! :D
hope i've been of some help
I can't swear to it, but I seem to remember reading that RAID is often read as SCSI. I haven't done RAID so I can't say. I have a 10K U2W LVD Seagate SCSI as a boot drive, and once past the SCSI BIOS, this baby gets into Windows really quick.
I hate doin this.. but come on.. someones gotta have some advice here..