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Hows this for a computer?

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Dec 20, 2000
am completely REBUILDING my entire computer. not keeping ANYTHING!!!! (except my SBLive! card)
here's what i'm building:
Duron 650
64Meg pc133
300watt PSU w/ case
SBLive! X-Gamer 5.1
Abit Silurio GeForce2 MX
Maxtor 30 7 gig 7200 UDMA100

i'm gonna pay:
1067.75 canadian.
It's not that bad of a comp. I'll buy the ram and video last in case i have some spare money, so i could get more RAM. heres my old comp:
I have the same setup for my new system except for a couple of things.

It's your choice but here is the one I am finishing

Duron650 L1 bridges unlocked
Alpha Pep66
IBM 30GB 7200rpm
128mb PC133 REV3 CAS2 Mushkin
SBlive! X-Gamer 5.1
Voodoo3(until I upgrade later)
gen floppy
CD-ROM 44x(until I upgrade to a DVD and RW)
17" NEC monitor
10/100 ethernet card
Arctic Silver
Antec SX830 case 300W PSU
need some decent speakers

I have bought al of these and all I need is a mobo...probably going to go with the KT7A do to evrybody's responses about this board.
Don't know if I will do Raid or not, but I may in case I want to stripe later.
Try and bump your ram to 128 megs or more if you can afford it.