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Hows this for a WU time

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Dec 19, 2000
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The actual time was 2 hours 22 min but I couldn't get a screen shot at 99%. Not bad even for a AR 3 something WU. This WU was done on the P4 system in my signature. If I were using rdram the times would actually be a little better. My ram is at 145 222 timing. For some reason if I chose 4:3 ram ratio it's much slower in sandra then 1:1. I really hope later versions of the bios will fix this issue so I can get faster WUs.
TC said:
I'll take a few thousand of those :)

Sorry no can do but for a few thousand of these $ you can have a nice 2.9 GHz water cooled cruncher in a black Micro ATX case! I think 3 GHz will be cake once I get a peltier on this thing. I want to try more voltage but thats the limit of vid pinning; or is it? I'm trying to find a way to voltmod the voltage regulator so I can hit 3 GHz even before I use the pelt.
You really think you'll need a pelt? I've gotten my 2.2 up to 2900 with air cooling and 1.85 volts. That was with the Epox 4SDA which offered better voltage tweaks. Now I have the P4TE with a water block. I'm going to trade for a TH7II and do the wire wrap so I can get the voltage back up. I'm sure with the water block and perhaps 1.9 volts I can hit 3GHz pretty easy.
Need no but want yes. I could probably hit 3 GHz with .10-.15v more but a peltier will take me further. I have everything I need accept the 156 watt peltier so its not really a big deal. My ram can handle 185 if given enough voltage so the only thing holding me back is the CPU.