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HP IPS 27vc v. ASUS PB287Q True 4k

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New Member
Apr 12, 2016
Hi Everyone,

I just got the HP IPS 27" 27vc IPS monitor, I'm still able to return it if I want, and I am happy but really wanted to go 4K but was stuck on getting a 30" monitor. The price jump after 27-28" made me rethink getting a 4K but now I can see 27" is good enough for me with the HP. I'm looking at the ASUS PB287Q True 4K as it's only another $300 than what I spend on the HP and well within what I was willing to spend on it. Plus, the HP is a nice bridge from my 24" Acer before buying a new monitor and a 4K monitor.

I did research what it would take to run 4K and my GPU can support it using HDMI at 30Hz, GeForce GTX 650, but is the difference worth the extra $300? I do plan to upgrade the GPU sometime but if I keep the HP monitor I'll be doing it at the same time as I do when getting the 4K monitor.

SO, in your honest option, would you go 4K now or wait for it to mature a little more?

I mainly use my computer for photo editing but I also do some programming, I also run duel monitors.

- Katy
Do you need to screen real estate?

Do you need the IPS panel and accurate colors (the ASUS is not an IPS)?

So, what I think, really has no bearing on your choice. Its what YOU need and if the 4K monitor has those features... that should be driving this choice. :)

I dont think the maturation of these devices really matter for your uses?
I don't have a photography business but it's a hobby and would love to edit to the best of my ability. So, yes having the IPS is nice but the ability of editing an image at it's 100% size without scrolling would be "nice". Hench, the "want" to go 4K.

So, it would be nice to know if others think the plan to get the IPS monitor and then wait a year or so for 4K to mature had been a choice will made or not. I haven't talked myself out of the IPS monitor as I said it's nice but... help me talk myself out of 4K unless it's worth it.