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HP "locked" my bios?

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Apr 8, 2002
Hey everyone!

I have a few questions about my HP computer. I was planning to disable QFan to try and lower the temperature (it said in the manual it is possible) but when i enter the bios there is no such option. I also read that im supposed to change alot of other options regarding speed of the ram and so forth but there is NADA in that section of the bios. Only thing i see is the temperature of my CPU and the speed of my fans, but i cant change anything.

Then i started searching on some forums and someone said that some companies "lock" their bioses to prevent people from changing the settings, which can damage the computer. Is that possible?

And if it is, is it possible to bypass it somehow or replace/unlock the bios?

The computer i have is a HP Pavillion 120se
Asus A7N8X (i actually think this is a special version cause there is a LA on the end of the name, and its not listed on the ASUS site, anyone got any info on that?)

I also have the latest official bios version from the HP site, the 3.14 which is dated 2003-09-26

Lotsa thanks in advance!


Nov 30, 2003
Companies like HP and Dell are annoying.
I was planning to upgrade my friends old Dell computer for him when I got the case off only to find they had gone wild with a glue gun and glues every single wire / componant they could with as much glue as they could it was not salvageable.

We had to start from scratch.


Senior Overclocking Magus
Feb 26, 2003
I think you are outta luck :(.

Are there any other sub-menus inside of the BIOS that you can access?

Try downloading "AwardFlash" ( a BIOS flashing application that runs in Windows) from ASUS' website, and see if you can flash to another BIOS revision for the A7N8X-Deluxe.

You can get another BIOS revision from ASUS' website. Be warned however, that (although it won't let you flash if the BIOs doesn't match the board) you could temporarily kill the board by changing the BIOS to an "official" ASUS one. If you do kill it, HP's tech support should fix it for you pronto - so no worries ;)


Jun 26, 2003
haha fo real, i havent been buying comps from vendors for 4 years, havent looke back either, its much cheaper and u know ur getting quality parts (not like those POS mobos that compaq or other OEM's use)