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HP Z620 + dual E5-2680 + 96Gb RAM or build new OC system from scratch

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Oct 5, 2016
I am still here with my I7-920 non OC and start to feel its getting old despite my I7-920 can handle all jobs give him well. but I think after 7 years I should get a new pc just to show off.
my gfx card is a 970 but I barely play any games other then "big fish" games lol

so I get get that HP Z620 + DUAL E5-2670 + 96GB RAM for about $1500 bucks which is a simple one click ebay buy
oher way would be buy parts and OC hell out of it
what do you think I should co

is there a 100 core xeon v5 with 1.5ghz which I can OC to 4.0hgz? :D

ps: to be honest my i7-920 is 95% of all time idle and any powerhouse system will be 100% idle but my old rig looks like I am out of money haha

Oh and I real enjoyed to OC my CEL300 to CEL450 and own some PII :shock:
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I doesn't appear you have any use for a 16 core/32 thread monster workstation. So build yourself a Skylake LGA1151 rig with either an i5 6600K (4 cores/4 threads) or i7 6700K (4 cores/8 threads) or go for a 6 core/12 thread X99 LGA2011v3 setup. Either of these will be much faster than those 2.6 GHz (3.1 GHz turbo) E5 2670s for any normal task since all can be OC'd to 4.3 to 4.7 GHz
X99 LGA2011v3 setup

can you give me more Information which MB is best to OC and which CPU I shoudl get from LGA2011v3