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HSF for P/// on Asus P3C2000 mb ???

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Mr B

Senior Admin Emeritus
Dec 28, 2000
East Bridgewater, MA
I have gotten a couple of new toys.....

P/// 600E Slot 1 (100Mhz/256 L2)
Asus P3C2000 motherboard.

I got the P/// about 3 weeks ago, but as my A-Trend mb didn't have provision for voltage adjusting, the chip got packed up til now.

Still in the tweaking stages, but.....

This Asus gives me the option to crank up the vcore from 1.65 to 1.95. I'm at 1.9v right now. I've got the FSB jacked up to 150 (900MHz) and thus far it seems stable. I haven't done any strenuous stability testing as I've got the intel hsf still attached to the cpu.

Asus Probe shows 27 to 30c idle, but as soon as I do ANYthing hard, (Microsoft ME's Pinball, even!) the temp shoots up to 52-53c.

I know the Alpha P3125 will NOT fit on this board. There is clearance probs with the ATX power socket, and a capacitor, as well.

Does anyone have one of these mb's w/ a P/// on it that can give me a hint as to what I can get for a better hsf setup??

If this can go to 900 MHz w/ the intel cooler, I would love to see what it will do with a good heatsink and some Arctic Silver.

I think I might have gotten a good one!


Mr B
tweak (Feb 25, 2001 10:44 a.m.):
A good cheap HSF for the PIII is the slot 1 Gorb.
Its about $12. Check the sites below

There's a little comp store the next town over that sell ThermalTake products. I've got a Gorb on my Celeron II, and I'm not really enchanted by the cooling capabilities of it. Got an Alpha PEP66T due in on Tuesday (thru the mail) to replace it.

I'm trying to find any online reveiws of this board thru various search engines, but where Asus discontinued the board when intel pulled the plug on the i820, I'm not finding much. I found one that gave me the info that the P3125 won't fit, but can't find the link again.

Thanks for the idea. I know the Gorb is better than the intel unit, but I'd like something better than the Gorb, as well, as I'm headed for 150+MHz of FSB, and thats gonna get pretty darn warm for a Gorb to handle.

I've got my Celeron 600 on there now, running at 1045 MHz....the longer this holds steady, the longer the P/// is gonna stay in the box, anyways...........

Mr B