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HSF for slot 1 p3 500mhz?

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Krowa 02

Oct 3, 2002
Long Island New York
I just gave my old tbird pc to my mom and I am now able to take back my old compaq :mad: The cpu is perfectly fine, I dont want to do anything with the motherboard, and im already looking for a new 440BX mobo. Now the cpu has a funky passive heatsink on it, no fan, all aluminum. There is an exhaust fan on the rear which most likely sucks air off the other side of the cpu (not the side with the hsf) So im wondering, is it possible to remove the hsf for one that has a fan, or better yet, do I need to? This pc will most likely be runnin 24/7 once its built and ready to go so I want to make sure its going to be happy :D


Senior Moment
Jan 12, 2001
Kansas, USA
The heatsink can be removed, although it's a pain in the hinny to do. There is an article about how to do this somewhere on the homepage. I'd probably just attach a fan or two onto the heatsink and see how that works. I've done this on a P-II passive heatsink before. I used two 50mm fans and found some sheet metal screws the right diameter and length, then just screwed the fans onto the heatsink (the screws go down in between the cooling fins and hold just fine). You could also epoxy the fans on or super glue them or nylon wire tie them.