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HSF Question Please respond

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Jun 12, 2001
I'm building an athlon system and will probably get at least 1.33ghz and was wondering if the hsf on ebay is good enough to handle a 1.33-It says its good up to 1.5ghz. Would like some opinions please
The link didnt work for me either. I have found that most good HSF's do not come with a "good for up to 1.5Ghz" rating on them. And for the most part, if they cost less than $25 - $30, they're probably not that good. While they will probably work ok, you wont be able to push your chip too far without it overheating.
i'm with TT120. HSF's that are rated up to that speed merely perform adequately at speeds below that. You need to look a high performance cooler like the 462, Glaciator, or SK-6. Even the CAK38 would be good for a budget.
Spend your money on a product with well known quality. Any of William's suggestions will give you excellent performance.
I've seen that one before, we considered carrying that model where I work but decided against it after I ran some tests. A little too high C/W rating and the fans are a bit cheesy. It needs major lapping. I did like the super thin fins though. Makes plenty of room for more of them, they just didnt put them in there. It works ok but not well enough for an overclocker.