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HSF Question

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Jun 12, 2001
I am building an Athlon system and was wondering if this hsf would be good enough for cooling I'm probably getting at least a 1.33ghz-it says it will handle up to 1.5. Please some advice or opinions
Here is the site:


Mar 16, 2001
Chicago, IL
I don't know anything about his cooler, but by the picture I can't see how much surface area the HS has...it doesn't look like much. Dual fan idea is pretty cool though. Also, most coolers are made for cooling stock computers, not OC'd ones with higher voltage. There are lots of coolers that look pretty cool, but don't hold up under overclocked computers (especially modern, super hot ones)...take a look at the Golden Orb..lol.

If it were me, I'd pay the extra money to get a known, tested, and proven reliable cooler. Just my opinion though.


Feb 7, 2001
With the fans blowing on the sides of the cooler they don't eliminate much heat. The heat would have to travel too far up the HS for the fans to have any effect on dissipating it. Plus they are too small. I would definitely pass on this one.


I'm with everyone else, it doesn't look impressive, and i don't recognize it at all. It also said 20mm fans which i would hope is a typo. Look for something better, by spending $10 you can get a FOP or Vantec which should be infinately better than that pos. I would get an SK-6 or a Glaciator.


Senior Member
Mar 1, 2001
Sacramento, CA.
I've seen that one before, we considered carrying that model where I work but decided against it after I ran some tests. A little too high C/W rating and the fans are a bit cheesy. It needs major lapping. I did like the super thin fins though. Makes plenty of room for more of them, they just didnt put them in there. It works ok but not well enough for an overclocker.