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HSF selection, help me :(

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Jun 20, 2001
Hi all, I'm buying a 1.4Ghz TBird soon and I just cannot decide on what kind of HSF this bad boy will need. I don't plan on OC'ing(don't think my 300w PS can handle it) and this is also my first time. I was thinking about the Alpha PAL6035 with a 23.5CFM Sunon fan, will this be sufficient, how hard is it to get this onto the mobo? Which HSF's have easy to use clips? I'd really rather not have to use a screwdriver just to mount a HSF. Any and all help is appreciated. :)
Vantec FCE-62540D or any of the newer ones that just came out, real good reviews so far and it has to be one of the easiest ones to instal, NO TOOLS!! and by the way, cost me only $20 on-line. Good Luck!
What do you think of the noise? I might get that and get a quieter fan(I think that fan would make me wanna throw my comp out the window) since I'm used to this extremely quiet Gateway comp. Any suggestions on the fan? Would it be better to get an 80mm fan or just something like a Panaflo? Thanks. :)
Adapting an 80mm fan to a HS designed for a 60mm fan will enable you to get a little more airflow for the same noise level, or the same airflow for a lower noise level, but do not mistake a little more airflow for the high quality airflow you get from a Focused Flow Delta fan. I seriously doubt there is an 80mm fan that gives as much quality airflow, other than the 80mm Delta Focused Flow, like the one that comes with the MC-462A. All Focused Flow fans have a noise characteristic that is objectionable because the majority of the noise is concentrated in a narrow spectrum of the audio band and sounds like a tone, whine, scream, call it what you like. That is the price you pay for performance. Increased noise and increased airflow are, for the most part, married to one another. Like Ed said, If you can't handle the noise, perhaps consider not overclocking the CPU.

Well I really don't think I'll be OC'ing, atleast for now anyways.
Then, by all means, get a quality 60mm to 80mm adapter and throw a Sunon 36cfm fan on it. You can get both from Millisec.com. That fan is really quiet. For a few dollars more, the Panaflow 47cfm is not much louder.

Thanks for all your help. I hadn't realized how expensive adapters would be. But I guess if I can shell out $1600 for a new comp, what's 14 more bucks. :)
I found some ThermalTake fans that are rated 37cfm @ 30dBA and they're only $9, $5 cheaper than the Sunons that are 36.5cfm @ 29dBA. I was just wondering if the Sunons might still be the better buy though. Last thing I want is my heatsink fan dying on me. :)
i've read a review of the thermal take fans and they rated them very very well. Forgot where it was at though, sorry.
It just occured to me that the adapter might screw up my case airflow, anyone out there with a fan adapter and a Antec SX830? Man choosing HSF combos are taking more time than it did to spec out the rest of my comp.
The Swiftech looks awesome, but it's definately too expensive for my tastes, and since I won't be OC'ing I can't really justify the price. If fan adapters are as bad as everyone seems to say, can anyone recommend a good 60mm fan for the Vantec? Would it be possible to mount the 80mm fan onto the heatsink without an adapter? This sure is confusing to me. :)
Check out the Global Win WBK heat sinks.

that would be my top recommendation if your not going to OC.

very good hs, close to most of the Copper hs, plus you can put an 80 mm fan on top of it w/o any of those fan adapters.

the WBK is 60 mm by 80 mm (approximately) so the 80 mm fan fits on there pretty well. what lil overflow you get helps to cool ur northbridge and your mb so no great loss. also w/o the fan adapters you don't get the turbulence, hence you get very good cooling w/ very lil noise.

also the WBK plus an 80 mm fan can be had for less than 40 dollars.
Remember the days when the only thing you looked at in heatsinks was the price? Alot to consider now. Noise, fan speed, paste, TIM, tape, material, weight.....

I will stand by my opinion that overclockers and gamers continue to be the leading cause of the computer industry moving at an incredible rate.

Not that that's a bad thing.
The Vantec heatsink is 80x60 as well. How would I go about mounting the 80mm fan, would I mount a 80mm grill to the heatsink and then mount the fan?