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Nov 2, 2002
Aberdeen, Scotland
Hi all. I'm getting an Athlon XP 1700 tomorrow. What sort of HSF would you recommend i get?

My current HSF says it can keep all AMD's cool.... TBH its struggling with my 900 Duron at the moment.

The current Temp is between 42 and 44 degrees. I think the processor may just be F**ked but i ain't sure.

please make some suggestions!

The Coolest

Senior Member
Jul 29, 2001
It's a decent cooler, but there are much better ones on the market, unless you want to OC you should get a good heatsink like the AX-7 or SLK-800 or SK-7, with a good, powerfull fan, it might cost a bit more than £15 but will be really worth it believe me I know, when you go cheap on cooling and it later limits your OC its really frustraing...
Good fans are:
SUNON 53CFM (good noise/performance ratio)
Delta 68CFM (Pretty noisy but does a very good job)
Delta 80CFM (Noisier than the 68CFM and does even a better job, awesome)
Sunon/Vantec Tornado 84CFM (A real beast, about same noise as the 80CFM, might have a slight edge over the Delta 80 in performance)


May 29, 2001
Columbus, OH
the coolest absolutely correct :) .. I personally use SK7 w/ TMD 70mm fan (the one that used on vantec aeroflow), it's quiet and cool enough my athlon xp1800+ at 1618 1.775Vcore .. sweet HSF :)


Aug 29, 2001
I recommend the alpha 8045 with a quiet fan (vantec stealth) for stock speed. If you want to overclock get a bigger fan. heheh


Oct 31, 2002
Any thermal right sk # heat sink will do you just fine with most 40+ cfm fans. RIght now, im using an sk7 with thermal take smart fan II ala volcano 9 donation. it makes lots of noise, but its rated at 78.8 cfm at 4800 rpm. it runs close to 5700 at full speed so there is your air flow. If you want to limit noise... it sounds stupid. but i have been experimenting with those amd fans and this sk7. my 1600+ at stock speed, with that sk7 and amd oem fan was enough to keep it under 50ºC even under hidous loads. for overclocking, get the thermal take fan , use the speed controller and you can run it high or low. its up to you. now that i have a ducting setup, i can run my fan at 3000 rpm with no issues. just play around. sk6+ with simple 60 mm will be more thansuitable for the 1700. but dont oc with that fan, get one of the fans these boys recommend.