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HSFs to cool other components other than CPUs/GPUs

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Apr 11, 2001
i have quite a few spare HSFs lying around and i was wondering if they can be used to help cooling of other components other than CPUs/GPUs ? like, can i sit them on top of HDDs or my CD-RW or my PSU ?? etc....
Couldnt hurt. Dunno how effective it would be tho. If you put it on your hard drive you would only be drawing the heat from the little spot where the HSF is sitting.
I hacked up an stock Intel P3 HSF to cool the northbridge chip on a KT7A-R. I think that is a very fitting use of Intel hardware :)
I epoxied heatsinks onto my ICS clock generator and southbridge chip. The northbridge already had a sink. Those 7,200 rpm harddrives do get warm. I've heard that a fan blowing air along the exposed bottom of the drive is supposed to help cool them. I wonder if heatsinks would work? I wonder if it's been tried?