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Feb 24, 2001
Could someone please rank the following from best to worst for Duron 800:
Globalwin WBK38
Globalwin Fop38
Taisol 742092
ThermoEngine V60-4210
Thermaltake Super Orb Socket Cooler
If you want to use the stock fan that comes with each of these, that's one thing. Probably something like:
fop38/thermoengine (close tie)
super orb

Bear in mind the 38cfm Delta fan is pretty much recognized as an obnoxious sounding fan.

Now, if you want to take just the heatsinks and put the best fan for the job on them, then things change a little.
I'd go with:
taisol with 92mm Sanyo Denki 55cfm.
thermoengine with 80mm Panaflo 47cfm
wbk with 80mm Panaflo 47cfm
fop with 80mm Panaflo 47cfm
Super orb

I like the forged, large footprint of the taisol.
I like the radial fin idea behind the thermoengine

These are my own, honest opinions. Others will differ with me on these.

I have a Taisol 742 in the post.
How can I make a 92mm fan fit?
I was thinking of getting a 120mm adapter, and putting on a YS-tech 135CFM fan... I think that would be brilliant!!! :) :)