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HT link question.

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May 5, 2006
I recently got done upgrading my rig, as well as installing a watercooling loop, and have started toying around with overclocking (got a stable 3.4 out of my 64000+ black edition, which is 3.2 stock, fairly easily). In a couple of weeks i'm going to do some real research and try to get 100% out of it..but for now i have a small question about HT link (which is, to my understanding, overclocking RAM).

when i raise my FSB to say...235, my HT link (obviously) goes up to somewhere around 1100. Do i want to be doing this? or should i clock it down? what does it -really- mean for that to be raised, lowered, or just the default 1000mhz? :shrug:

not sure if its relevant, but here's my specs (mainly doing this for RAM timings)

6400+ 3.2ghz am2
2gigs corsair 5-5-5-18
650w corsair PSU



Gulper Nozzle Co-Owner
Dec 15, 2008
You wont get close to a 100% overclock on most any CPU without extreme cooling.

Keep it around 1k for stability.

I do not believe your HT link has anything to do with ram though. But its been a while since I owned an AMD (S939 days).

Also, AMD's equiv. of FSB is HTT.

Read the AMD overclocking guide for help on increasing your overclock. It will also answer your question better about what is what. ;)