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HTPC overkill

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"The Expert"
Nov 3, 2008
I decided to re-rebulid my living room component system.

Ryzen 9 7900X CPU

32 GB 6000 RAM

4 M.2 drives, 1 for boot/os, 3 in RAID 0 for steam

4TB spinner for media

Rx 6600 video until the 7700xt is released (may not happen if it is a hot running card).

May need a new PSU depending on video card power requirements.


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Seems Ike you have a lot of signature updating with all of your builds. :)

Congrats on the overkill htpc... seems like a beast!

Yeah, an update would be good.

Here is a coincidence, one of my sons wants to start digitizing the DVD collection. Well this is a good build for it. And to think, my first multi- core PC was bought for that exact reason. Digitizing the VHS collection.

I shall breathe heavily and mechanically saying... "Son the circle is complete, you shall now be the master."

But the princess here (Dat be da wife) wants to digitize the record collection.

We have hundreds of records.
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But the princess here (Dat be da wife) wants to digitize the record collection.

We have hundreds of records.

I used to DJ back in my younger years and that was the first thing I did with any new record.
Clean it with some groove glide, drop it on the rubber mat, and record each track one at a time.
It allowed me to listen to the music without wearing the vinyls out.
Good times and like any analog conversion it forces you to ride it out in real time ;p