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Huge Lag on UHD 4K Gaming. How to fix?

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Jan 9, 2016
I am currently running fallout 4 and Skyrim on my mac pro in Boot Camp. I am running via HDMI to my Sony XBR 900B. My Mac Pro is the 8-core with dual D700's in crossfire X.

The TV supports 4K DCI at 60 Hz however for some reason I think the Mac Pros HDMI only supports 30 Hz.

If I play at any other resolution 720 P, 1080 P, or 1440 P I get regular input lag that I would normally get on my PS4or Xbox one which is none. I also have the TV set the gaming mode to.

Thanks and advance for the help
I do not know much about Mac's but from reading it looks like the D700's just don't have enough power to drive 4k resolution.
You may want to check what driver your using as well. Those gpu's are meant for a workstation set up doing video editing or 3d modeling. Depending on the driver your running it may not work well for games.
My TV supports HDMI 2.0 I verified that. However the Mac Pro supports hdmi 1.4.

Apple website says that the Mac Pro supports 4K @ 60hz via mini display port (sst).

My question now is. If u connect the display port to my tv via "mini display port to hdmi adapter" will I get the 60hz?
As was said, those are workstation level cards and do not have enough horsepower for 4k gaming.. sorry.

Not sure if you will get 60hz... I think so though..try it amd report back.
It was my understanding that so far the Nvidia 900 series GPUs are the only GPUS that currently support 4k @60Hz over HDMI. AMD's new 2016 GPUs are supposed to support it but I don't think the current ones do. That might be your issue.