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Apr 22, 2001
Fresno, CA
anyway to stop the increased humidity from a cooling tower? I live in California, summer temps here go to <100 and added humidity would be a strain on my AC. Plus we have the whole power problem and power prices are up so it would cost more.*sigh* NY was so much better.
Do mean stop the humidity of a bong like cooler? if that's your question, then no, that would defeat it's purpous.
Get a dehumidifier and stick it in the same room. (They are a tad on the loud side, though)
Or an air-conditioner. Two nice benefits, one big negative..electricity costs. I just have a 12x12 area of my home A/Ced. My PC room. In winter it's 10C.

Humidity is a *****. I have to watch my humidity BIG time, since my setup is as follows.

Danger Den Maze 2 block
Pump / Reservoir
Big momma radaitor with 120mm fan and that part is being cooled by a 6000BTU window A/C spitting out (at time of this post 42.9F air)

When its optimal conditions, I have NO condensation, however, I was a dumbbutt and ran it the other day, right after a rain storm...and the block was wet...DOH, however, I have come up with an INGENIOUS test for condensation, I just take a rolling paper (DON'T ask... :) ) and swipe it across the block, since the paper is SO thin, it reacts very well with water, (by turning dark)...heehee, on a nice clear day, no probs, just gotta watch it though.
Metaxas: You can completely elliminate the condensation by sealing out air, air carries moisture no air = no condensation. Silicone the center of the socket about 1/2 way up, fill the rest with a square of closed cell foam. Press dielectric grease in the holes of the socket. For the top of the cpu either use a thin sheet of neopreme or conformal coat the cpu except for the core. Insulate the sides and top of the water block. As a saftey measure conformal coat the mobo around the socket area. You should never have to worry about condensation again. I run -17C water through my block and have no problem. With no insulation there would be a serious build up of frost in short order.
Vent your bong out the window or through the wall (dryer vent kit) to the outside. Big evap coolers rely on a constant flow of outside air. The problem is that people using them try and seal their homes too, you've got to get rid of that air as it only holds so much moisture.

Incidentally, you should look into an evaporative assit unit for your conventional AC unit, it will help it work more efficiently and cut down on those electricity bills. It's a mini evap cooler for your outside heat exchanger.

I also live in California, but I can finally say I have the only good reason to be living in L.A - the LADWP - we ain't got no stinkin power shortage here :D