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HWMonitor reading incorrect?

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Jun 12, 2005
This might not be a big deal and it's just something I never really paid attention too either, but after playing with my OC and updating HWMonitor (which now shows my PSU info) I'm wondering if there is something wrong with my MB. According to the sensor that HWMon is reading my MB is only getting11.849-11.9v and according to the PSU reading it's sending 12v to the MB. Now I now you will lose power over a length of wire, but the wires are only 30cm at most, is that enough to lose the .1v of power? Or is there a problem with my MB? :screwy:


Is this even something you would worry about? Or in my ignorant pushing of buttons did I inadvertently change something in the bios to cause this faulty power reading? Or is this one of those times that my board is getting the 12v it's supposed to, and the sensor is just in a place where power is being drained and thus giving the lower reading? :blah:

Anyways thanks for reading and let the mud be slung at me for making a big deal of nothing :D :chair:
Many reviews of new model PSUs show similar results. Over 12v would be unacceptable, just under is within both a safety margin and tolerances from my understanding. I'd say check in with Jonny Guru for a better 2nd thought on this.
Software is horrible at reading voltage. Period. It's always been that way. DMM is the only true reading.